Born in Budapest I am the sixth and the youngest child of a family of musicians. Given that all of my many family members play an instrument, my life was ab ovo shaped by music, for which I am extremely grateful.
Starting my life from this nest, I first played the piano at the age of 7 and the flute at the age of 11. Having studied at Bartók Béla Conservatory, I was tutored by Prőhle Henrik at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music with the major of flute in Budapest. The best flutists of the time had a great impact on me, for instance Aurel Nicolet, Williem Benettt, András Adorján, Peter-Lukas Graf, Jean-Claude Gérard, Karl Schicker, whose master courses I attended.
I graduated as a flutist at the age of 23.

I started my career as a flute player of an orchestra in the Hungarian Opera House, where I spent two years.
Having worked as a teacher in Bartók Béla Conservatory, Békéscsaba, then in Budapest first in Continuo and then in Bartók Béla Conservatory, I founded a programme in Vienna Koservatorium, Vienna, where I am still teaching.
During this time, I was a guest lecturer of Kunstuniversitat Graz for eight semesters.
I have had numerous concerts from the beginning of my career as a solo as well as a chamber musician. As a solo flute player I have played in the Hungarian Radio on a regular basis and many times in the Dutch Radio.

Apart from Hungary, I have had concerts in England, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Transylvania, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and also outside of Europe in India, Israel, Canada and in the USA.
I am fond of baroque music, especially of its historical approach to presentation. However, I also enjoy playing pieces of the Classical, Romantic, Impressionist eras of the flute repertoire as well as pieces from the 20th century. Moreover, I am delighted to share my enthusiasm with my students, who are the subjects of my other passion, that is teaching, not only during semesters, but also in summer courses in Hungary and in Austria.

For me, the essence of teaching music, where I get to be a mentor to my student, is hidden in the complex relationship between teacher and students, which is not based on simply sharing and then testing knowledge, but on stimulating talent.

My teaching career which I practice with love and enthusiasm and which have always been simultaneous with my career as a solo and chamber musician resulted in having helped more than eighty talented students of mine to find their paths as musicians and as teachers.
As a musician, I have always considered it of high importance to interpret a piece following the intentions of the composer and coupling the identification of the musician with the composer with the freedom of the performer to provide an authentic presentation that reflects the aims of the composer as well as my personality. I also teach following this idea and try to share with my students the perfect use of the technique through the understanding of how to consciously use the unconscious.